Ow, my kidney!

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On Monday, I went to the ER.

Now I’m a person who absolutely despises doctors, dentists what have you and will only go if something is absolutely bothering me. Yes, I have insurance but why bother using it when they pay literal pennies towards your medical bills? I’m actually absolutely dreading what my hospital bill is going to look like but I found my Medicare book so I’m going to see if I can get any info out of it.

But anyway, the beginning of last month I had gotten a bladder infection, I did all the things you would usually do at home to combat it and it seemed to go away. About two weeks later, I started running a fever and vomited a couple times. Thought, “okay, typical cold shit. We’ll take it easy.” Rinny came to visit later that week I felt great. Rinny goes home that following Tuesday, and I start running ANOTHER fever on Wednesday. “Okay, perhaps partner cooties this time. Shit happens. Oh well.”

This Monday happens and my right flank is just KILLING ME I cannot get out of bed so I just stayed there and slept. Eventually later on that night I was checked in on and I mentioned the pain and I was given the option to go the ER and I said YES!! Now you know I am out of sorts if I am agreeing to sit for hours in the ER.

And sit for hours we did. 

We arrived a little after 7pm, they did Triage and the nurse said “it was going to be a while.” It was nearing almost 9 before I got seen by the nurse practitioner who was BEATING ON MY BACK to assess my flank pain and I nearly wanted to kill her.

They get me in the back finally, and I’m asked for a urine sample. Holy shit everyone, I never had so many people ask about my piss before that night. Literally 5 or 6 people asked me about if I collected a sample and it was sitting on the table the whole time. A lab worker collected it and then my attending nurse came in. Sweetest friggin lady ever but I scared the crap out of her when she was trying to get my IV in (I honestly DO NOT like needles and I will make a stink about it until it’s over.) so she had to call another lady in to try on my other arm which was more successful. Turns out my right arm’s veins are floppy as hell and do weird shit. I got some nice bruises on my arm though. Heh. *poke poke!*

They started with IV fluids and then I was off for a CAT to rule out kidney stones as Mothership had some years ago and turns out they are hereditary. CAT scan wasn’t too bad, the radiology tech was a little difficult to understand but we worked through it. What I didn’t like though is how I was stuck in a hallway for a few minutes with another patient who was coughing and hacking and had bedsores. Um, germs much??? On my way out though, the radiology tech moved me further up the hallway a bit rather than literally right next to the other person. Within a few minutes the transporter was back and took me back to my room. 

Around 10pm my nurse came back and was like did the doctor talk to you yet?? And we’re like um, no?? So my nurse was like your CT was clear, no stones you just have a bad kidney infection. Whew. Kidney infections are still serious but luckily no stones.

A little while later, insurance and billing lady came by, I signed a bunch of things and away she went. 

Nurse came back with IV cipro and Toradol and I’m getting all loopy. But hey, I wasn’t in pain anymore. 

Mothership got up to walk around the room and happened to notice there was a KINK IN MY IV LINE. She worked it out (gently obviously) and when the nurse came back to check the bag, we mentioned the kink and she checked to make sure there were no holes and off she went. Things were flowing better now but I still did A LOT of waiting. I didn’t get to go home until close to midnight and I literally wanted to RUN out of there but Mothership was like SLOW DOWN you might get dizzy!!

Yesterday we picked up my meds and as such I gotta choke down horse pills twice a day for 10 days. It isn’t pleasant, especially as it’s dissolving in my mouth and tasting like ass.

So yeah, that’s where we’re at at the moment. Hoping to be in the clear soon.

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