[Saturday 9] Five O’Clock World

1. Think back to Friday. Did it fly by? Or did you find yourself checking the clock and wishing it was 5:00?

it dragged, mostly because the weather was crap.

2. This song refers to the 5:00 whistle that signifies the end of the work day. What’s the last whistle, alarm or buzzer you heard?

3pm coffee alarm vibrating on my wrist! i gotta remind  myself about it, otherwise i won’t get any caffeine and i’m slugging along for the rest of the day looking for bed at the WRONG hour.

3. In the 1960s, the Vogues often appeared on TV variety shows to promote their record albums. Do you have the TV on now, as you answer these questions?

no, but i will afterwards!

4. “Vogue” means “popular or fashionable.” Tell us about something that you feel is in vogue today.

i am SO under a rock when it comes to the latest trends. 🙁

5. Vogue magazine reported that the big Fall/Winter trend was brocade. Describe for us the latest addition to your wardrobe.

this dress that i purchased solely for a costume

6. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is such a difficult boss that disgruntled employees nicknamed her “Nuclear Wintour.” What qualities do you think make a good boss?

a boss that remembers that the people working under them are actually PEOPLE and not machines.

7. Ms. Wintour was rumored to be the inspiration for the character of Amanda in the book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada. Did you receive any books or movies for Christmas 2015? Did you receive any gift cards that you then used for books or movies?

no i did not

8. “Vogue” was also a dance, made famous by Madonna in her 1990 hit by the same name. Can you name another Madonna song?

Live To Tell, which is one of my favorites along with Open Your Heart

9. Random question from a Sat9-er: How organized are your clean clothes? (Stacked in piles, folded neatly in drawers, still in the dryer….?)

i am REALLY BAD about leaving the towels in the dryer, but my clean clothes are luckily folded neatly in drawers and some are hung up

9 Replies to “[Saturday 9] Five O’Clock World”

  1. I love Madonna!

    1. me tooooo! 🙂

  2. i love “live to tell” as well! although i generally like more “dancey” songs, some of my favorite madonna songs are her slower ones, for some reason!

    1. i’m all about the dance-y type songs myself but gosh darn it Live to Tell and Crazy for You are amazing!!

      1. yes! “crazy for you” is my all-time favorite from her! 🙂

  3. CountryDew says:

    Good bosses are hard to find.

    1. They really are, unfortunately. 🙁

  4. zippiknits says:

    that dress…. ooolala. Did you get any of the go with it shoes on display? hehe Shoes are my downfall. I cannot look at them!
    Madonna has a gorgeous voice, an amazing voice, and, like many others here, I love most of her stuff, too.

    1. i got some ballet flats to match! but unfortunately my feet issues might leave me in sneakers. LOL luckily it’s long enough no one will notice!

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