[Saturday 9] Sleigh Ride

1) Have you ever ridden in a sleigh?


2) This recording is from Harry Connick Jr’s best-selling CD, When My Heart Finds Christmas. This year, did you add any new holiday songs to your personal collection?


3) Harry was born and raised in New Orleans, a city that seldom sees snow. Have you had enough snow to shovel so far this winter?

no snow at all yet, i’m afraid.

4) Speaking of weather, Harry hosted a mini-series on The Weather Channel called 100 Biggest Weather Moments. Do you frequently check The Weather Channel?

i’m more of a Accuweather / Weather Underground person. i think it’s really stupid that TWC just decided to start naming winter storms like Hurricanes. STAHP EET.

5) Harry’s mother was a very impressive woman — a lawyer, judge and Louisiana Supreme Court justice. Tell us about someone in your family of whom you’re very proud.

currently, i’m pretty proud of my own Mothership!

6) Happy New Year! Now that Christmas is over, are you done with holiday music and decorations? Or are you sad to see the holidays end?

i’m done now. the tree is dismantled and the decorations are put away. ’til next time!!

7) The New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration in Sydney, Australia is famous for coordinating pyrotechnics and music. Have you ever welcomed the New Year in another country?


8) Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?

i don’t have any resolutions, but i do have a goal that i hope i’m going to stick to

9) Looking back on 2015, what surprised you?

definitely winning my disability case. i really thought i was going to have to go all the way up to Federal Court, or worse…not even win it at all

4 Replies to “[Saturday 9] Sleigh Ride”

  1. I don’t watch TWC so I didn’t realize they’re naming winter storms. It’s silly!

    1. they’re the only ones that do it!! it is sooo silly!

  2. CountryDew says:

    I need to apply for disability and keep putting it off. The whole process scares me.

    1. It’s a long, tiresome process (mine took three years!) but it is so worth it in the end!

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