[Submissive Meditation Monday] Your Label

Who Am I?

i am submissive.

the order follower. the small “s” on the right side of the slash.

i am a pet.

i’m sure you’ve noticed the several many lots [to show a few] of photos of me in cat gear. it’s not just a love of cats, i take on a human pet [cat!] role.

i can be a smart-ass masochist at times.

i can get mouthy for the sake of a few marks sometimes. i’m not often indulged though.

i used to identify as a little.

but that role / label has since been put on the back burner due the influx of many, many, MANY underage people flooding Tumblr and engaging in a bunch of disgusting and very much illegal behavior. i do not want to be associated with that so i ducked out of the little community for the time being and mostly engaging offline without sharing.

How well do they fit you? Why did you choose them?

my labels fit me to a “T”. I chose them because facets of my personality needed exploration.

What have you read about the labels you use that don’t sit well with you?

i find when i’m scrolling though the kittenplay tag on Tumblr [after blocking several minors along the way] there’s a certain person who enjoys sub-posting / “gatekeeping” the community. one post in particular struck a nerve with me that they were like “do people really like kittenplay or do they just like the gear?” maybe, unlike you, others prefer not posting about every little detail of their kink lives. some people just like showing off their gear! you don’t know what they get up to offline!

Is there controversy over your chosen labels? What have you resolved about those controversies?

common misconceptions about being a little or a pet, non-kink folk [and even other kink folk] seem to think that if you identify as a little or pet you’re either into pedophilia or bestiality. as far as resolving, i just ignore it. *shrugs* it’s a person’s opinion, but i know it’s a shitty one.