[TMI Tuesday] Sexsaaay!


What is sexier…

1. arms or shoulders?

i like a nice set of guns. haha!

2. ass or legs?

i like big butts and i cannot lie! ♪♪ [literally all the butts.]

3. pussy or dick? Why?

cunt, because i’m gay as hell. i can appreciate a non-anatomical awesomely colored dildo though. 😉

pussy is reserved for an actual cat. i don’t fuck cats, i fuck cunts.

suck my dick if you think that’s vulgar.

4. feet or hands? Why?

HANDS, HOLY SHIT. i have no idea why i have such an attraction to certain peoples’ hands but fuck i want those hands on me and i want to be sucking on and/or biting their fingers

5. muscles or brains?


Bonus: Do you think you’re sexy?

i personally don’t, but there’s people who think i am so i suppose that’s good enough for me. 😀


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