[UNBOXING] Loot Crate – January 2016 – INVASION!

seems like it’s been ninety years since i’ve done an unboxing video / post but the thing is, none of my usual goes for subscription boxes have been jumping out at me until Loot Crate came out with their INVASION! box for this month [January 2016] and i was pretty much hooked on all the things that they were going to include [Space Invaders, Alien, The X-Files and The Fifth Element]

subscription boxes for me are definitely hit or miss and i’d hate to spend the money and be completely and utterly disappointed in it. that’s why i’m super wary with surprises.

Loot Crate actually spoiled two of the items in the box [facehugger plush and the X-Files shirt] in their last few emails before the box wasn’t able to be ordered anymore.

if you didn’t view the quick and dirty item video above or just would like bigger pictures and a bit more explaining….ONWARD TO THE BLOG POST!

Some changes with Loot Crates this year are that there’s going to be a shirt in every box and that the pins unlock exclusive “DLC”. this month’s pin unlocks a digital issue of Letter 44 #1.

i literally sat and looked at the box and wondered WHY THE FACEHUGGER WAS CUTE AND SMILING. facehuggers are not cute and they certainly do not smile. the rubber band? i thought that was a complete accidental drop into the box until i read the Loot Crate magazine and figured out that it was for to take that defective facehugger and rubberband it to your face.

LEELOO DALLAS. MULTIPASS. this is a officially licensed prop replica of Leeloo’s Multipass [obviously.] from The Fifth Element. i’m unsure as to if i’m going to take it out of its packaging to hang it up. it’d also make a fantastic cosplay prop. am i going to cosplay Leeloo? maybe someday. *shrug*

The X-Files came back on TV this past Sunday. unfortunately what i thought was going to be a full-season relaunch is just a six-part special. sadface. Loot Crate included a mini X-Files flashlight [which i am unsure if it plays the theme song if you turn it on… think that would be pretty awesome though. haha!] and the shirt of the month was X-Files themed which i wore on last Sunday night for the first episode.


doot doot doot doot doot….

this mini vinyl figure found a little space on my desk to hang out.

and last! but certainly not least, i got two mini prints of The War of the Worlds and The Day The Earth Stood Still artwork! super neat.


5 OUT OF 5 paws up!

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