Happy Valentine’s Day! [2016]

i woke up this morning and had this waiting for me:


and a little while later i got this on Facebook:


much much fluffy love. <3

and THAT my friends, is the extent of our celebrating of the holiday.




Few days ago my collar tags for my collar showed after hanging around in Postal Limbo! *eee!* they’re really well made and they do the jingle jangly thing. they come from TwistedSkrews¬†on Etsy. i also ordered another collar, but that’ll be taking a while i think. we’ll see!

The one on the Twisted side is double-sided and is the non-Muggle tag, that one is actually showing its back. the one on the Screws side is the Muggle tag and is single-sided showing the front. Non-Muggle tag has the same exact front, thought it would be kind of redundant to have a photo of two KITTY tags. haha!

i should have a photo with the tag on my collar soon-ish. hang onto your hats! i may feature it in a future Daily Pawtograph.