[IGGPPC] Inside The Theme – Feb 2016 – Notice Me, Senpai!

1)Who was your first fictional crush? Who is a current fictional crush?

First Crush:

Tenoh Haruka – Sailor Moon


Explains a lot. i’m a flaming homosexual. the whole “cousins” thing was so bogus though. Am hoping the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal arc doesn’t disappoint me.

Current Crush:

Thranduil, the Elven King of Mirkwood – The Hobbit


I’d kneel for that sassy motherfucker. [oh wait, i kind of do already. :P]

2) You’d love for senpai to notice you… What secret admirer gift do you send in silent hope for some attention?

shiny things and wine. Elven Kings love shiny things and wine. ;3

3) What is your go-to indulgence when you just want to channel your inner Usagi and eat your feelings over that clueless senpai?

cookie dough ice cream

4) Feel like sharing an awkward dating anecdote?

i was pretty certain Rinny was straight when i met them beclaws they had a boyfriend at the time. woops.

5) Never mind senpai! Give us a short galentine’s day poem to celebrate all the amazing ladies you love!

Hi ladies,

i really suck at poems and i’m incredible awkward

so love me, maybe?

….wow that was terrible.

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  1. Clearly I am an Elven King, because I too adore shiny things and good wine

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