It Starts…

today the first of probably many medical bills came in today. it’s not really funny, but it is kind of because it was the second cheapest of them. Come to find out, the CAT Scan technician isn’t employed by the hospital so they were in the rights to go ahead and bill my insurance [and me, obviously.] so i went ahead and cut them a check. of course, i copied EVERYTHING because you can never be too careful, especially when dealing with this kind of stuff.

i tried paying it online but it just kept telling me that my patient balance was $0.00 but i knew for a fact that was a load of shit and i wasn’t about to leave it and let it go to collections so the old fashioned way of payment ticket and a check had to do.

next one will probably come from my GP for the followup visit, ringing in at $80.41, but Mothership seems to think since this bill hit the deductible threshold [the amount that has to be met for the year before Medicare starts to pay.] that my GP will just accept what Medicare paid and the rest will be a wash meaning i’m not held accountable for the $80.41.

Mothership fails to realize though, that our insurances are two different beasts. i’m on Medicare and Medicaid while Mothership is on a plan through Fathership’s place of employment. [literally leaps and bounds BETTER than what i have.] so my whole deductible thingy can be WAY different from theirs.

like i said before…wait and see approach!!