[Kitty Plays] Life is Strange – Episode 3

so yes, i saved Kate Marsh because i’ve been there. i’ve been in that situation of bullying and the situation of attempted suicide. it is not a pretty place to be.

this is when the game starts fucking me up and i did not expect that ending at all. like, yeah, someone is now handicapped because of what Max did in this episode [not gunna say who obviously right out here.] but i wasn’t expecting it to be that person.


if you’re affected by ANY of the events in Life is Strange please go here: http://lifeisstrange.com/talk/

you are not alone and i want you know i got your back. i actually had to stop playing a few times to remind myself that while these are things that can happen in real life, THESE particular events are not real. they are purely fictional. still does not fuck you up any less.

you matter and i care.