[KITTY PLAYS] Life is Strange – Episode Four

Ever have a video game make you cry? i’m not talking about tearing up and that’s the end of it….i’m talking about full-on cryfest snot flying everywhere. that was Dark Room for me. I’m still forever hating Victoria though, i have a feeling she had a hand / knew what was going on this whole time but wouldn’t let up. she caused Kate’s life to be a living hell. I honestly don’t think what happened to the other girls would’ve happened to Victoria because she was clearly screwing the actual perpetrator.

and the reveal of the actual perpetrator? HOLY SHIT. definitely gave me a sense of fear and i actually said out loud “you sick son of a bitch.”

if you’re affected by ANY of the events in Life is Strange please go here: http://lifeisstrange.com/talk/

you are not alone and i want you know i got your back. i actually had to stop playing a few times to remind myself that while these are things that can happen in real life, THESE particular events are not real. they are purely fictional. still does not fuck you up any less.

you matter and i care.