[Review] The Mewtique

*this is a half review post half showering my internet friend in luff [yes luff] because she deserves it!*

Order Date: January 23rd, 2016

Ship Date: January 25th, 2016

Delivery Date: January 29th, 2016

The Mewtique is owned by my good friend Faete [NSFW link warning] and she is based in Denver, Colorado. Faete makes handmade plushies, pinback buttons, scarves and cosplay items for kittens, bunnies and Pikachus to name a few!

Faete and i actually found each other years ago via Twitter. i don’t remember the exact specifics [i was tweeting SOMETHING and i think Faete faved it..or are we calling it liked now?] but i remember we initially bonded over our mutual love of kittenplay and as we got to know each other more we fangasmed over The Hobbit / The Lord of The Rings and shared in each other’s pains and struggles with disability and chronic illness. it’s a mutual understanding of “i get you, and you’re not alone.” cos you know, it’s really frickin’ hard sometimes!

but anywhoo! i finally saved up enough / FINALLY DECIDED what i was going to order from Faete’s shop and it was quick, painless and easy as most ordering from Etsy is. a little while later, Faete had sent me a IM on Twitter letting me know my package was going out on Monday. [and it did, as expected!] USPS informed me it was going to arrive on Thursday, the 28th but i never trust those expected delivery dates anymore and it ended up arriving the next day, Friday the 29th.

everything was packed so neatly and with care that you’d think Faete was sending me a belated Xmas present or a super early birthday present and not an order! she even included an extra which i thought was super nice of her. 🙂

i originally was only going to order the Sweetroll Plush because as a Skyrim fan i’d been eyeballing that little thing FOR-EVER and now? i have one! the materials and stitching are top-notch with no exposed seams, loose threads or any detachment of either pieces of the plush. the plush is about 4.5″ tall and stuffed with fluffs [poly fiberfill, but we affectionately call them fluffs.] and love.

but my heart also set on the Ehlers-Danlos Awareness ribbon as it’s something Faete has, and i know from personal experience how sucky chronic illness [especially rare ones] can be! you can learn more about Ehler-Danlos here. 10% of the sales of a ribbon is added up and then donated to the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation. each sparkly, zebra-print awareness ribbon has a safety-pin for pinning [i plan to put mine on my convention lanyard.] and the ends are treated to prevent fraying. Faete also includes a business card [+1 for my collection!] so you can contact / visit her shop later on again if you’d like to!

as a special gift, i was given a purple [for some reason my phone decided it needed to be pink.] 2.25″ “Kitten” pinback button because you know, Faete and I are kittens and along with Violet Snow Kitty, we make up the Triplet Birthmark Squad. [we have identical birthmarks on different parts of our bodies, mine is on my neck.]


INFINITY out of 5 paws up :DDDD

**LEGAL JARGON: i was not contacted nor monetarily compensated for this review. all items were purchased with my personal money and all thoughts and opinions are my own**

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