do you like Harvest Moon?

do you like Animal Crossing?

do you like Rune Factory?

if you can answer “YES!” to one or all of these questions then you have GOT to get your grubby little paws on Stardew Valley. it’s a game by a sole developer released at the end of February and it just EXPLODED in popularity. i originally was going to wait until it was on sale [because let’s face it, i hardly pay full price for a vidya game.] but after watching Markiplier and jacksepticeye both play it and my Tumblr/Twitter feeds blowing up with friends playing it, i had to have it NOW.

it basically runs the most akin to Harvest Moon to me in which you raise crops and animals on a farm and build the farm buildings to keep them in. you do quests for the townspeople and there’s eligible people you can marry and have/adopt kids with. YES, there is same-sex marriage / kid adoption!! that was definitely something Harvest Moon lacked, despite all the “listening” Natsume was doing to their HM fans….

in the way it’s like Animal Crossing: you fill up the museum, upgrade your house and tools, shops are only open at certain times

i haven’t played [or at least i don’t think i did…] Rune Factory so i don’t know what things would be alike to it.

you can name your animals, either randomly generated or typing in your own. i went mostly with randomly generated names because some of them were just bloody hilarious like the above pictured chicken is called Snotzi.

there’s four seasons, with winter being the less productive for crops [NOTHING GROWS.] but as you progress in the game, some dude comes to set your cave up with fruit bats or psychedelic [not really.] mushrooms. i did a lot of research on both and found mushrooms to be the better choice. you can also go mining for ore and geodes to sell.

and apparently in the third year, your dead grampa that passed the farm down to you comes back to life or something??? i’m currently edging into Winter of Year 2 so i’m not sure how confirmed that is but i suppose we [more like i] will find out!

i haven’t really bothered with the romancing system yet because none of the available characters have jumped out at me yet. pretty certain it’s going to be a case of wanting someone that you CAN’T romance, but y’know….PC MODS, BITCHES. somebody is bound to make a mod for the unavailable people.

i mean, they made a mod to make the ABSOLUTELY RAGE INDUCING FISHING SYSTEM easier so i think anything’s possible at this point.

this is what my house looks like at the moment [with the first upgrade of a kitchen, and i’m slowly learning how to craft things: the chest! i also built a stone fence because the wooden one was just pissing me the hell off.

by the way you get to adopt a dog or cat depending on your preference made when creating your character. i chose cats [obviously] and named the cat Thranduil.

he likes to sleep in the kitchen and get stuck next to his water bowl outside so i have to dig his ass out.

silly cat.