Yuki No Yado Chips

These salty and sweet chips are a new spin on a classic Japanese senbei (rice cracker). The name “Yuki No Yado” means “Snow Inn,” as the frosting is said to look like snow on an inn!

these tasted [and even smelled] like a frosted version of the American chips called Bugles. i was expecting them to be a frosted, puffy sweet thing. Didn’t like them much at all.

Yaokin Roll Candy – Strawberry & Green Apple

These are literally a Japanese version of Fruit-By-The-Foot. I definitely preferred the Green Apple over the Strawberry one as it had more flavor.

7 Stick Choco Cream

Just as the name says, you get seven crunchy wafer sticks filled with yummy chocolate cream. Enjoy them by themselves or try them with ice cream!

i really liked these! they tasted like a toasted, reverse chocolate Pocky stick.

Monster Stamp Candy [Dagashi Kashi]

An interactive candy that you can use to stamp fun monster shapes. Moisten the bottom of your stamp to start using it then you can eat the whole thing when you’re done!