Well, THAT’S a relief!

remember my $7,000 medical bill from my kidney infection?

no? then you’re probably new here, and i suggest you go read up and then come back here.

if not well, i have good news!

it turns out that the “denied claim” was simply Medicare saying NO!! to the hospital trying to bill me separately for some of the drugs i got that night.

i was losing an assload of sleep thinking i would be responsible for the entire fucking bill because their wording sucks a thousand dicks.

i’m only responsible for $122 out of the $7,000 and they even already submitted it to Medicaid so Medicaid may even pick up that remaining $122 and i pay….ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING.

of course Mothership is like, “why were you so worried?”

have you forgotten i have anxiety?

jesus fucking christ that’s a load off.