#660 [Review] Kitten’s Playpen – Custom Kitten Ears

Kitten’s Playpen is an independently-owned shop that sells hand-made animal ears, collars,  leashes and other adult novelty items. the shop is owned by two sisters, Sara [NSFW link] and Jess [also NSFW link] and they are located in Canada.

Order Date: August 11th, 2015

Ship Date: March 31st. 2016

Delivered Date: April 7th, 2016

i ordered two pairs of kitten ears, which are a smaller version of their cat ears. i did one pair in black with short fur, and another in white with medium fur. both sets are mounted on headbands because my hair is way too thin for any clip-style ears to hang on properly.

site navigation is simple and easy to navigate. however, if you get into the options of build-your-own [such as collars] the options may start to get messy and overwhelming as the options are ENDLESS! you could sit for hours just trying to configure your collar.

on the FAQ, it is stated that production time is 14 weeks as of October 2015. this is understandable as there are only two people working [UPDATE: there is now more staff!!] but from observation, there are A LOT of orders piling in every day. they do not work weekends or holidays, but i would suggest to them both to do a temporary close just catch-up on orders. However, they have previously mentioned that they cannot do a temporary store close because they have staff to pay along with other business expenses that would be falling behind if a closure was made.


As of February 2016, our Current processing time for Made to Order/Custom/Build Your Own items is now APPROXIMATELY 18-24 weeks. Custom orders have been closed and will remain closed until we get through all of our remaining custom orders. Going forward,we will be capping the amount of custom orders we accept to prevent lengthy processing times.

lengthy production times aside, the packaging is discreet and only contains a few stickers and Kitten’s Playpen comes up as KPP, INC. my ears were packed in a sturdy white box and inside were my ears, care sheets, a lollipop and two “birth certificates” on who made my ears. 😀

the ears themselves are very well made and on-par with the quality of my previously purchased in-stock handmade ears. there is no loose stitching, no gobs of glue and the fur unmatted. they are made exactly how i wanted them: the black pair with shorter fluffs and the white pair a little longer. they match very well with my tails i’ve purchased in the past from other shops.

it’s highly unlikely i’ll opt for custom-made items again, mostly due to the sting left by lengthy processing times. Considering the ready-made and customs are about the same in quality, i’ll stick to the ready-made items in the foreseeable future.

i’m really glad though, that Kitten’s Playpen is finally taking the steps to close up customs and get caught up while still providing things for customers to purchase in the meantime.


legal jargon: i was not monetarily compensated nor asked by Kitten’s Playpen to write this review. both products were purchased for my personal collection with my own money. all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.