#672 [UNBOXING] Japan Crate – April 2016


Chip Star Ebikoubashi

The resealable tube of potato chips is a lot like American Pringles, but with a tasty Japanese flavor: Shrimp.

these tasted like straight up WAY TOO SALTY shrimp. definitely prefer the Seaweed flavor given in the February Crate over these.

Fruit Shop Gummy

Each fruit gummy tastes just like the fruit it’s shaped after! Just the right size, squishiness and sweetness!

i ate these entirely too fast to get an out-of-package shot BUT THEY WERE THAT GOOD.


Sakupan Giant Wafer

Sakupanda is back in another form, a giant cookie wafer! Enjoy this creamy, chocolatey goodness in cute panda form.

you might be familiar with the smaller Sakupan cookies that are bitesized. chocolatey wafer cookie in the shape of a panda. NOMNOMNOMNOM.

Fue Ramune

Another take on the classic Fue Ramune whistle candy featured in the anime/manga Dagashi Kashi! Blow through the small hole to create a loud whistling sound. Use them to “entertain” your friends & family!

they reminded me of Lifesavers/Breathsavers due to their shape but nothing terribly exciting to write home about. like any other Ramune-flavored candy it just tastes like soda……and i nearly fully deafened myself trying out the whistle part of it.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Gummy

A gummy hand that comes in the shape of Rock, Paper or Scissors. Try to guess which shape you’ll get, or open yours with a fellow subscriber to play!

not exactly exciting! it was a Coke-flavored gummy and the shape reminded me of those sticky hands you get in the capsule machines at the supermarket.

i’m guessing I got Paper? since usually you flatten your hand out like that to signify Paper.

ALL CRATE BONUS – Kawauso No Kotsume

An adorable gachapon prize from AMUSE, one of Japan’s most famous toy & prize makers.

this little otter was a bonus item given due to the delays of the March & April crates due to port issues where Japan Crate’s HQ is located. it’s a super cute toy and is currently hanging out with all the other little trinkets on my desk. 🙂