#674 [REVIEW] KittenEnchantment

Order Date: April 10th, 2016

Ship Date: April 12th, 2016

Delivery Date: April 18th, 2016

KittenEnchantment is a BDSM Kittenplay / Petplay shop on Etsy based in Bristol, UK. The shop is owned by M and Silver. KittenEnchantment sells a variety of tails, collars, tags and ears.

I order their Faux Leather Buckled Collar in Red and opted to not have a charm added [via notes] but it came with a charm & bell anyway.

The packaging is fairly discreet, my collar was packed in a purple plastic envelope with a KE sticker and a customs sticker stating simply “costume”. However, if one gets pretty feelsy with the package, you can make out a collar shape and with some movement, there’s a bell sound.

Inside the package you will find the collar placed in a pretty drawstring dust bag!

the collar fits well and comfortably without any pinching or snags. the hardware also holds up well to tugging without any unscrewing or general loosening. i only have the tiniest gripe over the ballpost and O-Ring being too small to hook a finger in. the stitching is very well done and there is no left over strings.

overall it’s well worth the price point and was shipped quickly! it will definitely make a good day collar!

Legal Jargon: I was not contacted by KittenEnchantment nor compensated with the collar for this review. the collar was purchased with my own money of my own accord and all thoughts / opinions of KittenEnchantment are strictly my own.