#678 [UNBOXING] Loot Crate – April 2016 – QUEST

Vikings Drinking Horn With Strap

[Chronicle Collectibles]

Make a toast to the gods with this replica drinking horn from History Channel’s breakout hit, Vikings. It comes with a handy strap to keep your horn close and to prevent hours of contemplation on how to balance it on a table without it falling over.

Harry Potter Socks

[Hyp Hosiery]

There are a lot of quests in the Harry Potter series. Rep the biggest quest of them all with these socks featuring Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Labyrinth T-shirt

If you should ever accidentally wish goblins steal your younger sibling away, gear up with this Labyrinth tee before you go searching for them. Featuring the Goblin King himself, a host of his subjects and Sarah in her iconic ball gown, you’ll be avoiding oubliettes in style.

D20 Ice Mold

Keep your drink critically cold with this D20 ice mold. Perfect for making any beverage an adventure!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End poster

Everyone enjoys a rolicking search for valuable artifacts, especially when it’s headed by a guy like Nathan Drake.