Rin :”Will you level up? Jesus Christ.”

 Kitty: “but…um…” *shows perk chart*

Rin: “You cheated didn’t you?” >__>

Kitty: “I DID.” 😀

Rin: Hey, Maxson just called. He said he wants his coat and gatling laser back.

Kitty: He can suck my dick.

*Rin’s mum sneezes*

Kitty: “Oh, bless you!”

Rin: “I don’t think she could hear you.”



it’s been quite a bit since i blogged and as you can tell, i’ve formally given up on daily selfies. i’m actually kind of surprised that i manged to go as long as i did. i was literally only expecting to make it a week or so into January….because then i got sick.

in any event, it was fun while it lasted. perhaps i’ll pick it up again another time but right now i just don’t have the “oomph!” for it and it gets mighty repetitive when you don’t get out much due to lack of spoons.

i turned 28 on Tuesday! it was largely uneventful, just how i like it. Rinny had gotten me a few Deathclaw things! a Funko POP! and a super adorable plushie. i don’t know how people can find a giant mutated chameleon scary. [look up Jackson’s Chameleon, they are what Deathclaws came from in the Fallout universe.]

today i did a bunch of running around. mostly food shopping and getting a few pieces of clothing for the warmer months. i even scored a bedding set for $30 as most of my sets are flannel, and i needed something that was regular cotton so i’m not sweating my ass off come late June / early July. my room is the hottest / coldest depending on the seasons and it kinda sucks but i deal.

i also picked up some pollinator flowers [they attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies] to hopefully help out the steadily declining bees. i don’t mind the big, fuzzy bumble bees but the smaller, angrier yellow jacket wasps that try to look like bees can fuck off. i plan to plant them in the box my magnolia is in outside my bedroom window. for the garden we picked up some herbs and are going to try to grow broccoli for the first time.