Few and far. [usually one would say few, far and in-between, though.] That pretty much sums up my activity with this blog. Luckily though, the people who actually take the time to read it have me on other social avenues so i’m not missed or presumed dead.

the thing is, i brought my Chromebook to remedy the sporadic update schedule, but then….shit happened.

nothing bad, mind you! it’s just every time i have the drive to update, as soon as i get there i’m paralyzed with a “duh, what was i gunna say?” “that sounds really dumb, nobody cares about that.” among other negative thoughts my brain likes to throw at me.

and then AnimeNEXT came and went, nothing really SUPER EXCITING to write home about. the new venue was definitely welcome and needed. plenty of food to be found! but it just seemed so…dead with everyone spread out on almost four floors of the convention center. Everything also closed up shop around 9pm so us night-owls were stuck wandering bored out of our skulls.

[i also had plans to blog while i was there but a) Chromebook would not fit comfortably in my luggage, and i’m glad left it behind because everybody and their dog’s luggage was stacked on top of mine when we finally arrived in Atlantic City b) only three devices could connect to the in-room Wi-Fi at one time, while it was free to use [yay!] it was a constant battle over those three slots]

needless to say, i don’t think we’ll be returning. we plan to scope out some other events and perhaps a year or two down the line go back to AnimeNEXT in the hopes that it filled out its new venue some.


I also joined in the Pokémon GO! craze. i initially wasn’t going to do it, but when someone datamined Mew out of it, i signed up. I don’t play very often, because i live in a dead zone when it comes to PokeStops and Gyms. My nearest ones need a hoofing and with the weather the way it’s been lately? i wouldn’t be surprised if i turn into a fried egg.

i do get to catch Pokémon at home though which is good but when i actually get out to find a PokeStop for more Balls, i gotta be quick because goddamnit it’s “too far away” rather quickly by car and i’m not about to ask to have the car slowed down just so i can get stuff in a silly mobile game.

what team am i on you ask? i’m on Mystic, because that’s the one Rinny is on. i have no other reasons why i picked Mystic. i know lots of other people and their partners are on opposing teams but i prefer to be on the same team! like when we started playing Elder Scrolls Online, i didn’t know just how “locked” the alliances were and we ended up on opposing alliances so we couldn’t group up. it was so lame, luckily i now have the option to be in any alliance and we both have toons in Daggerfall Covenant right now [I have a Khajiit and Bosmer, but when race changes come out sometime next month, i will have two Bosmers and Rinny has a Breton who is the BF to my Bosmer character. my second Bosmer is for my solo adventuring when Rinny can’t play due to work or other life commitments.]

later this year though, the whole alliance lock is being lifted [except in PvP zones, which i don’t do anyway.] and you’ll be able to group up with who-ever you want, and go where-ever you choose [your level will scale to the zone if it’s higher than your level, i’m not certain if it will scale downwards though.]

i think that was pretty much it in the way of catching you guys up.

until next time!