#702 [Hello Darkness, My Old Friend]

Depression is lying in your bed for four days straight, staring at the ceiling

Depression is socially isolating yourself while still checking in from time to time so people don’t worry about you

Depression is living on water and toast with mayo

Depression is going over the many different ways you could kill yourself without causing any alarm to the other people in the house

Depression is a roller coaster trip of emotions, in which the happiness of an idol noticing you is very short lived

Depression is seriously considering checking yourself into the ER, but then you remember how shitty American healthcare treats people with mental illness

Depression is NOT “Lol i feel sad sometimes.”

it’s been quite some time since i had depression hit me THIS badly. i’ve had depression spells before but they only would last a short amount of time and then i could freely move on with my life.

it just didn’t help that it rained here for nearly four days straight and even with my sunlight-mimicking bulbs on full blast, nothing was making me happy.