#703 | Prepare To Exit 20s on Right

As i start my 29th year on Planet Earth, i have often gone back and forth with feelings of ‘i’m okay with this, it’s not much different than 28 right?” and “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I’M GOING TO BE THIRTY NEXT YEAR AND I HAVE SHIT-FUCK-ALL TO SHOW FOR IT. HOW FUCKING PATHETIC IS THAT?

The first half of my 20s were in short, messy. i was figuring a lot of stuff out in regards to my sexuality, gender and where my relationship during that point and time was going. [spoiler alert: it wasn’t really going anywhere.] Eventually, i met my now fiance and things started to even out again.

However, you get to a point in your life where “What do you got goin’ for you?” and all the while you got friends and acquaintances landing that dream job, getting married and/or popping out kids like candy. i can simply avoid all this “Ugh.” feelings about being stagnant by simply avoiding Facebook but in the same vein, i won’t know how peoples’ lives are going because NOBODY BOTHERS TO PICK UP A GODDAMN PHONE ANYMORE. Hell, even texting is falling / has fallen by the wayside in favor for social media platforms.

Upside? i’m getting married in two years time. that should be enough to calm my frazzled mind, but the other part of me wants much more than my broken, tired body can even provide.

In any event, my 29th birthday was quiet for the most part. Birthgiver and Dad took me to The Stonefire for dinner and then we came home to chocolate on chocolate cupcakes baked by The Birthgiver. i had the usual onslaught of birthday wishes on social media, and a couple friends even gifted me with some things! My Fiance even bought me Dashie in plush form and every time I look at him I laugh because I hear in my head, “WHADDUP! IT’S DASHIE. AND WELCOME TO…”

The cutest thing though, is the sign my Dad made for me and he spelled Birthday wrong! That made it really special, mostly because my Dad is a terrible speller and we like to poke fun at him for it. Lol