Bath And Body Works vs. Lush Cosmetics: A Comparison

I’m a long time Lush Cosmetics fan. They’re vegan/vegetarian, cruelty free and none of their products contain processed garbage nor are they mass-produced by a machine.

When I discovered Bath And Body Works started selling bath bombs, or “bath fizzies” as they call them, I decided to try one out because:

a. Lush is expensive, and hardly has sales on their products

b. My closet physical Lush store is 2hrs away


  1. Bath And Body Works’s packaging is EXTREMELY HARD to open if you’re some with a physical disability. It’s also wrapped twice so when you think you’re in the clear, nope, there’s another wrap
  2. BABW’s bombs are smaller, 130g as compared to 180g
  3. Lush’s bombs always tell you what’s in them on the packaging and on their website, BABW only states on the packaging
  4. Lush uses a lot less ingredients than BABW and Lush’s ingredients are all-natural while with BABW you’re left questioning what the heck’s in your bomb!
  5. Lush’s bombs are made in Canada, BABW doesn’t state their origin
  6.  Lush’s bombs color the water and sometimes leave behind body-safe glitter derived from seaweeed, BABW’s bombs just….fizz…that’s it
  7. I can hack up Lush’s bombs to get multiple baths out of them as they vary in price from $5-$13, BABW seems very one-time-use and that sucks for almost $7 a bomb

 All in all? I’m sticking to BABW for my Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and just continuing to use Lush for everything else.