# 704 | Mall Adventures! Pride Month!

Before I get into yesterday’s fun, i just wanted to say a very happy PRIDE MONTH!! to all my fellow non-straights, whatever you happen to identify as on the LGBT spectrum. I hope your month is G-R-E-A-T!

After picking up Rinny from the bus station yesterday, we headed straight to the mall! I was feeling particularly lazy so i opted for a mobile order to be ready when we arrived and you know what?

  • it makes me smile to see my chosen name on things
  • i made bank on stars with a simple tea latte & cookie order because i got 10 from the order plus a 25 star promotion on any order this week! that brings me up to 65 stars! \ o / ⭐️

We adopted a Guar from Think Geek we called Gary and I tracked down Elliot and Darlene funkos in Hot Topic! Darlene actually wasn’t on the website so I didn’t think she was actually going to be available but lo and behold there she was next to Elliot! Our last stop was to GameStop for the PS4 version of Stardew Valley.