Saturday 9: Don’t Stop


1) Since we’re not supposed to stop thinking about tomorrow, let’s talk about it: What are your plans for Sunday?

eat a bagel and then play video games

2) Fleetwood Mac was formed 50 years ago in London. Fifty years is considered a “golden anniversary.” Do you wear more silver or gold?

my engagement ring is stainless steel actually, so probably silver?

3) This song is from Rumours, which has sold 40 million copies. Is it in your collection?

it is!

4) It was written by keyboardist and vocalist Christine McVie. She was born Christine Perfect, a name that earned her a fair share of teasing when she was a school girl. Do you recall being teased in school? What about?

all the time. i was always teased because of my disabilities

5) Before Fleetwood Mac, she was in a band called Chicken Shack. If you were to order out for a chicken dinner, which restaurant would you turn to?

Chicken Holiday!

6) Before she could pay all her bills with her music, she supported herself as a window dresser for a London department store. Do you enjoy walking along, just window shopping? Or do you consider “looking with no intention to buy” a waste of time?

i love window shopping!

7) When she found herself making big money, one of the first things Christine bought was a pair of matching Mercedes for herself and then-husband, John McVie. If you were handed a check for $1 million, what’s the first thing you would do with the money?

find a new place to live, asap

8) The other girl in Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, founded the Soldier’s Angel Foundation. She believes in the healing power of music, and so she’s proud to provide wounded soldiers with iPods already loaded with music. When you listen to music from your phone, MP3 player or iPod, do you use ear buds or headphones?


9) Random question: Let’s pretend your high school reunion is coming up. Which classmate are you more curious about: the one who was your first date, or the one who was too cool to give you the time of day?

the one who was too cool

Unconcious Mutterings: #754

  1. Adopt :: Don’t Shop
  2. Therapy :: Scary
  3. Money back :: Guarantee
  4. Lotion :: Slimy
  5. Feeling :: Worked Out
  6. Surgery :: Scary
  7. Ashen :: Skin
  8. Wrist :: Carpel Tunnel
  9. Pronounce :: Married
  10. Vaseline :: Jelly