#678 [UNBOXING] Loot Crate – April 2016 – QUEST

Vikings Drinking Horn With Strap

[Chronicle Collectibles]

Make a toast to the gods with this replica drinking horn from History Channel’s breakout hit, Vikings. It comes with a handy strap to keep your horn close and to prevent hours of contemplation on how to balance it on a table without it falling over.

Harry Potter Socks

[Hyp Hosiery]

There are a lot of quests in the Harry Potter series. Rep the biggest quest of them all with these socks featuring Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Labyrinth T-shirt

If you should ever accidentally wish goblins steal your younger sibling away, gear up with this Labyrinth tee before you go searching for them. Featuring the Goblin King himself, a host of his subjects and Sarah in her iconic ball gown, you’ll be avoiding oubliettes in style.

D20 Ice Mold

Keep your drink critically cold with this D20 ice mold. Perfect for making any beverage an adventure!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End poster

Everyone enjoys a rolicking search for valuable artifacts, especially when it’s headed by a guy like Nathan Drake.

#672 [UNBOXING] Japan Crate – April 2016


Chip Star Ebikoubashi

The resealable tube of potato chips is a lot like American Pringles, but with a tasty Japanese flavor: Shrimp.

these tasted like straight up WAY TOO SALTY shrimp. definitely prefer the Seaweed flavor given in the February Crate over these.

Fruit Shop Gummy

Each fruit gummy tastes just like the fruit it’s shaped after! Just the right size, squishiness and sweetness!

i ate these entirely too fast to get an out-of-package shot BUT THEY WERE THAT GOOD.


Sakupan Giant Wafer

Sakupanda is back in another form, a giant cookie wafer! Enjoy this creamy, chocolatey goodness in cute panda form.

you might be familiar with the smaller Sakupan cookies that are bitesized. chocolatey wafer cookie in the shape of a panda. NOMNOMNOMNOM.

Fue Ramune

Another take on the classic Fue Ramune whistle candy featured in the anime/manga Dagashi Kashi! Blow through the small hole to create a loud whistling sound. Use them to “entertain” your friends & family!

they reminded me of Lifesavers/Breathsavers due to their shape but nothing terribly exciting to write home about. like any other Ramune-flavored candy it just tastes like soda……and i nearly fully deafened myself trying out the whistle part of it.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Gummy

A gummy hand that comes in the shape of Rock, Paper or Scissors. Try to guess which shape you’ll get, or open yours with a fellow subscriber to play!

not exactly exciting! it was a Coke-flavored gummy and the shape reminded me of those sticky hands you get in the capsule machines at the supermarket.

i’m guessing I got Paper? since usually you flatten your hand out like that to signify Paper.

ALL CRATE BONUS – Kawauso No Kotsume

An adorable gachapon prize from AMUSE, one of Japan’s most famous toy & prize makers.

this little otter was a bonus item given due to the delays of the March & April crates due to port issues where Japan Crate’s HQ is located. it’s a super cute toy and is currently hanging out with all the other little trinkets on my desk. ­čÖé



Yuki No Yado Chips

These salty and sweet chips are a new spin on a classic Japanese senbei (rice cracker). The name “Yuki No Yado” means “Snow Inn,” as the frosting is said to look like snow on an inn!

these tasted [and even smelled] like a frosted version of the American chips called Bugles. i was expecting them to be a frosted, puffy sweet thing. Didn’t like them much at all.

Yaokin Roll Candy – Strawberry & Green Apple

These are literally a Japanese version of Fruit-By-The-Foot. I definitely preferred the Green Apple over the Strawberry one as it had more flavor.

7 Stick Choco Cream

Just as the name says, you get seven crunchy wafer sticks filled with yummy chocolate cream. Enjoy them by themselves or try them with ice cream!

i really liked these! they tasted like a toasted, reverse chocolate Pocky stick.

Monster Stamp Candy [Dagashi Kashi]

An interactive candy that you can use to stamp fun monster shapes. Moisten the bottom of your stamp to start using it then you can eat the whole thing when you’re done!

[UNBOXING] Japan Crate – February 2016

i’m a huge fan of Japanese candies. there, i said it. i love Pocky, and gummies and those koala cookies that are filled with chocolate. know what i also love? MOTHER FRICKIN’ GREEN TEA KIT-KATS and you know what? Japan Crate snuck them into this month’s stash. there was only three of them, so i had to draaaaaaaaag it out before i was able to get more. [Rinny hooked me up because they’re cheap as hell in Asian markets in NYC.]

but anyway, i was originally on the waiting list for the “Mini” crate [$12/mo, free shipping], but Japan Crate sent out an email at the end of January to get $10 off the “Original” crate [$25/mo, free shipping] so i figured….what the heck! let’s try it out and just switch to the cheaper “Mini” crate later. so i got the “Original” crate for $15 with free shipping.

the “Original” crate gives you 8-10 items and a guaranteed DIY kit. however, for the February crate all crate sizes got the DIY kit.

without further ado, here’s what we got in photographic glory!




this resealable tube of potato chips is a lot like American Pringles, but with a tasty Japanese flavor: Seaweed & Salt.

these tasted like straight up plain Pringles like the booklet said. nothing really to write home about if you’ve ever had original Pringles before: salty thin potato chips.

Nestle Kit-Kat (Green Tea)

Japan is known for their wacky Kit-Kat flavors [Sake is coming out soon, and Rum Raisin????] and Green Tea is no exception. however, THESE ARE AMAZING AND THEY’RE LITERALLY LIKE CRACK.

Petit Pastel Ice Cream Cookies & Chocolate

adorable mini ice cream cone and assorted fun shaped chocolates with a crunchy wafer center. the box includes two packages so you can split them with a friend!

i actually really liked these! they reminded me of regular chocolate Kit-Kats and plan to hunt down more.

Super Lemon

Push your tongue to the limit with an entire bag of invidually wrapped super sour lemon hard candies. The first layer is a tart lemon powder, then there’s a mild, sweet hard shell and finally a third layer of intense lemon flavor in the center.

i honestly wish they didn’t throw in an entire bag because i tried one, and the rest went straight into the trash can. i do not do well with sour candies [but will try them for science.] and these were no exception. holy hell, no thank you.

Heart LTD. Oekaki Choco DIY

Create your own Valentine’s Day Design or follow one of the included shape templates. Get creative and see what you can make!

being this is entirely in Japanese, they gave you the translated instructions in the booklet included in your crate. i passed on making this as it seemed too involved.

Toppu Trio Stick Gum

6 individually wrapped chewing gums that are perfect for carrying on the go. Try three different flavors: Cola, Cider and Grape.

had to pass on these as well, i have a very finicky jaw that hates the overtly repeated chewing that gum causes

Twinbow Drink Gummy

Each of these sugar-coated, sour gummies features two different flavors: Red – Cola, Blue – Ramune, Green – Lime and Yellow – Lemon. Pair them together for an intense flavor adventure!

these just tasted like Sour Patch Kids, nother really exciting or different about them.

Coris Grape & Soda Kajirittyo

A refreshing soda flavored taffy wrapped in a layer of chewy grape taffy. the stick has similar consistency to gum, but dissolves overtime.

i think the soda-flavored taffy saved this for me. i’m not a fan of anything grape aside from grape jelly and this didn’t taste grape-y at all! i was expecting to bite into this and then toss it right out.

 Nericcho Soft Cider Cones

A bonus item for all crates! Mix the included powder with water to create a creamy concoction, then use the spoon to fill your wafer cones. Instant mini ice cream cones! Enjoy cider or strawberry flavor.

i’ll let the two following Instagram photos sum this one up for me…


as with any subscription box you’re bound to get something that you don’t like. February’s Original Japan Crate did have some disappointing things but also had some awesome things [GREEN TEA KITKATS!!!!!!!!] so i’m definitely going to give it another go for March, but with a smaller box.