made my follow-up CAT Scan appointment for September 1st. let’s just hope whatever’s up with my lung didn’t grow bigger and it’s not something that needs biopsy and is just scar tissue from a chest tube from when i was a wee one.

cos my anxiety is like, “Kitty, you have lung cancer and you’re going to die.”.

Well, THAT’S a relief!

remember my $7,000 medical bill from my kidney infection?

no? then you’re probably new here, and i suggest you go read up and then come back here.

if not well, i have good news!

it turns out that the “denied claim” was simply Medicare saying NO!! to the hospital trying to bill me separately for some of the drugs i got that night.

i was losing an assload of sleep thinking i would be responsible for the entire fucking bill because their wording sucks a thousand dicks.

i’m only responsible for $122 out of the $7,000 and they even already submitted it to Medicaid so Medicaid may even pick up that remaining $122 and i pay….ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING.

of course Mothership is like, “why were you so worried?”

have you forgotten i have anxiety?

jesus fucking christ that’s a load off.

It Starts…

today the first of probably many medical bills came in today. it’s not really funny, but it is kind of because it was the second cheapest of them. Come to find out, the CAT Scan technician isn’t employed by the hospital so they were in the rights to go ahead and bill my insurance [and me, obviously.] so i went ahead and cut them a check. of course, i copied EVERYTHING because you can never be too careful, especially when dealing with this kind of stuff.

i tried paying it online but it just kept telling me that my patient balance was $0.00 but i knew for a fact that was a load of shit and i wasn’t about to leave it and let it go to collections so the old fashioned way of payment ticket and a check had to do.

next one will probably come from my GP for the followup visit, ringing in at $80.41, but Mothership seems to think since this bill hit the deductible threshold [the amount that has to be met for the year before Medicare starts to pay.] that my GP will just accept what Medicare paid and the rest will be a wash meaning i’m not held accountable for the $80.41.

Mothership fails to realize though, that our insurances are two different beasts. i’m on Medicare and Medicaid while Mothership is on a plan through Fathership’s place of employment. [literally leaps and bounds BETTER than what i have.] so my whole deductible thingy can be WAY different from theirs.

like i said before…wait and see approach!!

I Need to Yell…

and i need to yell in particular on how shitty and fucked up America’s healthcare system is….

the ER visit claim to Medicare finally came through from my kidney infection, and i’ve been dreading it for good reason.

let me break it down for you:

1 96361 – Hydration Infusion Into A Vein 1 01/11/2016 0260 – General Classification IV THERAPY $326.00
2 96374 – Injection Of Drug Or Substance Into A Vein For Therapy, Diagnosis, Or Prevention 1 01/11/2016 0260 – General Classification IV THERAPY $286.00
3 96375 – Injection Of Different Drug Or Substance Into A Vein For Therapy, Diagnosis, Or Prevention 1 01/11/2016 0260 – General Classification IV THERAPY $187.00
4 82962 – Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test Performed By Hand-Held Instrument 1 01/11/2016 0301 – Chemistry LAB/CHEMISTRY $31.00
5 87086 – Bacterial Colony Count, Urine 1 01/11/2016 0306 – Bacteriology & Microbiology LAB/BACT-MICRO $178.00
6 81001 – Manual Urinalysis Test With Examination Using Microscope 1 01/11/2016 0307 – Urology LAB/UROLOGY $99.00
7 74176 – Ct Scan Of Abdomen And Pelvis 1 01/11/2016 0352 – Body Scan CT SCAN/BODY $3617.00
8 G0383 – Level 4 Hospital Emergency Department Visit Provided In A Type B Emergency Department; (The 1 01/11/2016 0450 – General Classification EMERG ROOM $1259.00
9 J0744 – Injection, Ciprofloxacin For Intravenous Infusion, 200 Mg 2 01/11/2016 0636 – Drugs Requiring Detailed Coding DRUGS/DETAIL CODE $162.00
10 J1885 – Injection, Ketorolac Tromethamine, Per 15 Mg 2 01/11/2016 0636 – Drugs Requiring Detailed Coding DRUGS/DETAIL CODE $48.00
11 J7030 – Infusion, Normal Saline Solution , 1000 Cc 1 01/11/2016 0636 – Drugs Requiring Detailed Coding DRUGS/DETAIL CODE $40.00
12 0 0001 – Total Charges $6233.00

over four thousand fucking dollars for a CAT scan just to make sure i didn’t have kidney stones.

the ER visit itself is even cheaper!

and you know the kicker?

1 74176 – Ct Scan Of Abdomen And Pelvis 1 01/11/2016 01/11/2016 $630.00 $93.94 $93.94 $0.00 $93.94

this is a separate claim filed by the CAT Scan technician, so not only is the hospital wanting money from the CT, THE FUCKING TECHNICIAN WANTS MONEY. i am responsible for the $93.94.

i’m not entirely sure how much of the ER visit i am responsible for yet, i’ll probably find out when the bill comes in the mail because all it says online is “see claim”. Medicare denied like $400 of the claim [some of the IV drugs were denied] but i already decided they can shove it all up their ass and they’re only getting $50 a month, interest-free.

i’m also not crowdfunding this, so please do not ask to donate towards my bills. i’ve already accepted this as my expensive lesson and i’m going to pay it, no matter how long it takes.

so people who do not have insurance? us people with insurance are pretty much right there with you. it honestly doesn’t matter if you have it or not because your insurance is just going to pay pennies towards your provides and then stick you with the rest of it.